beauty of rss

RSS might not be the newest technology in town. But damn it is effecient.

In the age of noice of push notifications, this not disturbing delivery system has became how i consume the internet. From independent blogs (the non-kneelers part of social internet!),to big major publisher sites, podcasts and a lot of other platforms(reddit subreddits, youtube channels, etc) have native rss support. Some additional tools provide rss for non-supporting ones.

Apart from variety of sources for getting information. Here are the best deals you get using rss

  1. simple tech, reliable tech. probably will be around for long time
  2. no push, it is up you - you get the information when you want to
  3. chronological order
  4. ability to getting enough of the internet - it is a key to the lost of art of ‘getting satisfaction from the internet in reasonable time and calling it a day’
  5. you add and discover your sources
  6. discover and dont forget to check independent personal blogs (like mine:D)
  7. probably a lot lot less data collection on propietary rss services than not-rss services

Isn’t it beutiful!

Pro-Tip: Some feeders can fetch the article content into the feed. Therefore eventhough all article is not sent by the rss, you can read it in your reader.(afaik; inoreader and tt-rss(via readability plugin) are capable.

Some additional links


  • inoreader - the one i used before. proprietary. free option exists.
  • feedly - most popular i guess. proprietary. free option exists.
  • tiny tiny rss - the one i use now. open-source, self-hosted
  • fresh rss - open-source, self hosted

-> comparision of readers at wikipedia


  • rssbox - tool for getting rss feeds for non-providing sources
  • rsshub - an another tool