Cafe Podcast

So I’ve been working on my latest side project from time to time. It is an open-source web app for listening podcasts with features. I believe it would be nice to have a full featured, free and open source podcast web app around.

Also first time in one of my side-projects I am experiencing Test Driven Development, which is kind of funπŸŽ‰.

Here are the promises I’ve made on its github page.

open source podcast web-app

🀞 hopefully will be up and running soon 🀞

on you can

  • search the shows (that are hosted on itunes) πŸ”
  • surf in categories 🌊`
  • search episodes by keywords πŸ—
  • subscribe to shows πŸ‘€
  • favorite the shows ❀️
  • download or share episode πŸ€—
  • keep track of listened episodes πŸ™‰
  • star the episodes 🌠
  • search and listen podcasts without registration by sneak peeking 🧐
  • browse the site while audio continues πŸŽ™

other than that, the site has

  • kickass design 😎
  • automatic updates for shows and episodes every hour ⏱
  • sign-up, sending confirmation email, and sending forgotten password email πŸ“§