my rediscovery of radio streams

Years ago, I downloaded all my music and then like everybody else I switched to streaming. Listening tunes from youtube and spotify has its advantages. But I decided to take a step away from it.

There are two reasons behind that escape plan

  1. listening same stuff over and over again
  2. all the “explored” music is been recommended by the algorithm

Listening music on radio feels way more organic, and has a bit of of surfing taste. Since I can change stations, but have no control on what song to play. Having able to all the control on the music, makes me want to control everyti

pro-tip: To find the streaming url of a radio station. Check the network-tab in developer tools in Firefox/Chrome and run away with the streaming url (check type media or cause media, if its too crowded) of a station I like. For storing and listening, I use radiotray-ng.

📻 Happy tuning! :)