more thoughts on radio

So I wrote about changing my primary listening music source from spotify to online radio streaming before. It is now somewhere around day10-day15 of this experiment, and I’d like to share some more thoughts. In these days, I turned up a station whenever I want to have some rhytmic and melodic sounds in the air. Sometimes I opened spotify or youtube just for listening specific songs. I’ve never to let it play on its own.

I realized an important point about myself. Using spotify turned me a some kind of control freak. Whenever I get the taste of good music, I think about adding it to my playlist, so I can own it and not lose it forever. Of course there are times I write down the song playing for listening later but it is quite quite less. Being in control of playing music all the time is a bit tiring activity. Letting the song play and enjoying the track is not. I feel more relaxed when I’m on radio. The feel I get from exploring new song is way better.

Also one more thing, I think radio can wider listening habits. I’m not talking about you can listen any radio station from somepoint on the globe. Since spotify will recommend songs by algorithm, it wouldnt take chances and most likely not recommend you some song in different(not even a-bit) style. For example an Evenescense song won’t appear in my ‘Built for you’ according to my listening habits for spotify playlist, but it can pop up radio station. Or a song in complete different style I’ve never heard or came across before, has more likely to catch me unguarded on the radio.

I think I’m going to hang out and surf on the digital radio waves bit more.